Saturday, January 12, 2013

Preliminary Schedule!

There is a preliminary schedule for the first 4 books, arranged for discussion every 2 three weeks.  Host names are in parentheses. 

Hosts!  If these dates do not work, feel free to switch around -- but let's leave time for people to read.  Please feel free to add books that you would like to host, and please sign up for convenient future hosting times.

This kind of scheduling may need tweaking!  My thought was that we might not all be able to read them all, but something more than once a month might make for better discussions.  Please make comments and suggestions here.

Not all the suggested books have been scheduled yet!  I tried to set up the first couple of months, just to get going.  Sue chose one of her suggestions to go first; I am deferring to Neighbor Lady's good suggestion about starting with the beginning of the Mary Russell series by Laurie King.

We aim to include suggestions from everyone!  So, keep making suggestions of fiction you have read and love.  Books should be available in paperback, so readers can easily obtain them.  (Most will also, therefore, be available in e-format and/or at the library.)

Rules of the Club:
Jammies are the preferred attire.
*  Delicious virtual refreshments are welcome.
*  This is not a scholarly discussion, but references to related things are fine.
*  Everybody be polite.
*  Send friends on over, if you think they might enjoy the book.
*  We'll close comments on the previous book when the next book post goes up.  

Happy reading!
ETA:  based on Neighbor Lady's suggestion and a number of (off-site) concurrences, we are re-setting the schedule for one book every three weeks.  Thanks for the feedback!


  1. These look great!!!(the sidebar schedule) and I am so excited, but I'm not sure I can read them that fast!

    Maybe we could spread them out to one every three weeks (because I don't want to have to skip ones, even though it means longer between chances to talk to you all.) Or even once a month but maybe that is too infrequent.....

    What do people think?

    Maybe I already missed that conversation, which is totally fine. Just throwing it out there for thought.

    Either way, a million thank yous for organizing this!

    :) Neighbor Lady

  2. No, that's a great thought, NL! I went provisionally with every 2 weeks, thinking that we would not all read everything, and a month between times seemed long.

    This provisional schedule can be adjusted. What do others think?

  3. They look great. Must get to the library. :)

  4. Conferring off-blog, there is sentiment for the 3 week schedule. So, that is how it is for now.

  5. So, there is quite a range of prices on that first selection, Venetia. I would really not go with the $150 paperback, when some are available for 1 cent plus shipping.

  6. Venetia is available for 12 bucks new at Amazon, and is also available for Kindle

  7. I swear, that link with the $150 vs. 1 cent is what came up for me on Amazon! Which was kind of hilarious, but deeply weird.

  8. I wonder if anyone ever actually buys those weird hugely priced things?

    Thanks for the adjustment to the schedule, kathy a.! I didn't mean to overstep or anything--hope I didn't! The three weeks in between feels very do-able to me. Can't wait to get started!

    :) Neighbor Lady

  9. Venetia in paperback. $11.19.

    Venetia for Kindle. $8.69.

  10. I've ordered all the first 4! (Even Beekeeper's Apprentice, because I apparently gave that away to someone who would love it.)

    Neighbor Lady -- of course, you did not overstep! There is a lot of agreement about every three weeks seeming more do-able. And we are open to adjustments as we go along, too. Thanks, too, for suggesting Beekeeper's A as the starting book for Laurie King.

    Liz -- thank you so much for getting this site going, and making the first book suggestion! "Delightful...witty and smart," plus historical details, plus humor? Great place to start!

    Sue -- What Alice Forgot sounds like something I would not ordinarily pick up -- but also fascinating. It is likely to get us all thinking about what happened between point A and point B in our own lives; and about how we can share experiences and see them differently.

    Esperanza -- I am really looking forward to Sandcastle Girls. My MIL is Armenian; her parents escaped the genocide; and so all that history is my husband and kids' history.

  11. I've got all my books! And dove right into Beekeeper's Apprentice, which is every bit as delicious as remembered. Next up is Venetia, which arrived a couple days ago.